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Table 5 Curve fitting equations of accuracies and required training sizes to reach ideal accuracies

From: Comparative analysis of the GBLUP, emBayesB, and GWAS algorithms to predict genetic values in large yellow croaker (Larimichthys crocea)

Trait Algorithm Equation Required sizea
Body weight GBLUP \( {r}_{\left(\widehat{g},g\right)}=\sqrt{\frac{0.604\times N}{0.604\times N+371.27}} \) 1093
emBayesB \( {r}_{\left(\widehat{g},g\right)}=\sqrt{\frac{0.604\times N}{0.604\times N+427.53}} \) 1258
Body length GBLUP \( {r}_{\left(\widehat{g},g\right)}=\sqrt{\frac{0.586\times N}{0.586\times N+410.55}} \) 1246
emBayesB \( {r}_{\left(\widehat{g},g\right)}=\sqrt{\frac{0.586\times N}{0.586\times N+478.97}} \) 1453
  1. aRequired training size when predictive accuracy reached 0.8