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Table 2 Sequences involved in sex determination functions and SSRs distribution

From: Transcriptome profiling of Diachasmimorpha longicaudata towards useful molecular tools for population management

Term name GO ID Sequence ID Markers and position
Sex determination GO:0007530 HWRCMJ02HFI99; HWRCMJ02HFCXO; HWRCMJ02FPEMS; HWRCMJ02IL9LL  
Primary sex determination GO:0007538 HWRCMJ02IL9LL;
Primary sex determination soma GO:0007539 HWRCMJ02HFI99 SSR_801; 326–355
SSR_802: 160–171
Primary sex determination germ-line GO:0007542 HWRCMJ02IL9LL  
Sex differentiation GO:0007548 HWR9CMJ02FUVP3; HWR9CMJ02FK4N5;HWR9CMJ02H4520  
Germarium-derived egg chamber formation GO:0008103 Isotig02368 SSR_537; 936–951
Sperm individualization GO:0031011: isotig00948 SSR_280; 1083–1102
GO:0031011 isotig00949 SSR_279; 1083–1102
SSR_333; 2120
GO:0008407 isotig04171 SSR_777; 592–601
Dorsal appendage formation GO:0048814: isotig02537 SSR_561; 1242–1251
Ovarian follicle cell differentiation GO:0045879 isotig03388 SSR_691; 52–69
SSR_692; 1436–1450
Primary spermatocyte growth GO:0030307 isotig03510 SSR_708; 197–206