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Table 1 Significant SNPs in or near the CCL16 gene on chromosome 17 that met our inclusion criteria with pertinent biological information implicating them in CCL16 regulation

From: Variants in CCL16 are associated with blood plasma and cerebrospinal fluid CCL16 protein levels

SNP Base Pair position Minor Allele Major Allele MAF Predicted Function RegulomeDB score Meta-analysis p-value
      CSF Plasma
rs80329614 34303312 C T 0.1406 downstream 3a 1.666E-19 5.853E-28
rs11080368 34305071 A C 0.1040 intronic No data 2.321E-19 1.777E-27
rs11080369 34305164 C A 0.1042 intronic 1f 2.321E-19 1.777E-27
rs33995560 34303771 C T 0.1122 UTR3 No data 2.941E-19 2.094E-27
rs7216969 34305048 A G 0.1040 intronic 6 2.941E-19 2.094E-27
rs150951362 34304264 A G 0.1008 UTR3 6 1.65E-17 2.05E-20
rs75236781 34306470 C G 0.0613 intronic 6 2.958E-17 3.942E-20
rs149197550 34295254 T C 0.0641 intergenic No data 8.32E-16 9.20E-18
rs4795104 34287400 T A 0.0639 intergenic 6 9.626E-16 1.015E-17
rs4796144 34293003 A G 0.0641 intergenic 6 9.626E-16 1.015E-17