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Table 2 The layouts supported in the visualization interface. The six layouts supported in the visualization interface of InteGO2

From: InteGO2: a web tool for measuring and visualizing gene semantic similarities using Gene Ontology

Name Description
concentric The concentric layout positions nodes in concentric circles.
  Users could select this layout to put the graph in the middle
  of the explorer.
breadth-first The breadth-first layout puts nodes in a hierarchy, based
  on a breadth-first traversal of the graph. The hierarchical
  structure of the gene functional association network is
  shown in this layout.
circle The circle layout puts nodes in a circle. From a circle layout,
  the user could easily find the nodes with high degree and
  low degree.
cose The cose (Compound Spring Embedder) layout uses a
  force-directed simulation to lay out compound graphs.
  This layout helps the users to find the density region of the
cola The cola layout uses a force-directed physics simulation
  with several sophisticated constraints.
grid The grid layout puts nodes in a well-spaced grid.