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Table 1 Samples analyzed by NGS

From: A next generation sequencing-based method to study the intra-host genetic diversity of norovirus in patients with acute and chronic infection

Sample NoV genotype Sample collection Date Patient description, age group
OU1 GII.4 Sydney 2012 January 2012 Outbreak patient (senior residence), 70-90Y
OU2 GII.4 Sydney 2012 September 2014 Outbreak patient (supportive living), > 70-90Y
OU3 GII.5 November 2013 Outbreak patient (hospital acute care), 30-50Y
OU4 GI.7 November 2012 Outbreak patient (senior residence), 70-90Y
SP1 GII.4 Den Haag 2006b December 2012 Bone marrow transplant patient, < 18Y
SP2 GII.4 Den Haag 2006b April 2013