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Table 2 Summary of the different 5′RACE and RT-PCR experiments and the obtained rearrangement types

From: Genomic and expression analyses of Tursiops truncatus T cell receptor gamma (TRG) and alpha/delta (TRA/TRD) loci reveal a similar basic public γδ repertoire in dolphin and human

Locus Animal tissue Experiment FWD primer name REV primer name Total number of non-redundant clonotypes Number of non-redundant out-of-frame clonotypes Number of non-redundant in-frame clonotypes Non-redundant in-frame clonotypes by rearrangement type GenBank (GEDI) accession numbers
TRG Blood M 5′RACE -- TC3L/TC1L1/TC1L2 7a (7) 4 3 1 TRGV1*01–TRGJ3*01 HG328298
2 TRGV2*01–TRGJ1*01 HG328299/300
Blood M RT-PCR TV1LU TC3L/TC1L2 8 (8) 1 7 1 TRGV1*01–TRGJ2*01 HG328291
TV7LU TC3L/TC1L2 4 TRGV2*01–TRGJ3*01 HG328292/93/94/95
1 TRGV2*01–TRGJ1*01 HG328296
1 TRGV2*01–TRGJ2*01 HG328297
Blood L 5′RACE -- TC3L/TC1L1/TC1L2 11a (11) 6 5 2 TRGV1*01–TRGJ2*01 HG328286/8
1 TRGV1*02–TRGJ2*01 HG328287
2 TRGV2*01–TRGJ3*01 HG328289/90
Blood K RT-PCR TV1LU TC3L/TC1L2 20 (20) 5 15 6 TRGV1*01–TRGJ2*01 HG328305/7/8/10/11/14
TV7LU TC3L/TC1L2 5 TRGV1*01–TRGJ3*01 HG328306/9/12/13/15
3 TRGV2*01–TRGJ3*01 HG328301/02/04
1 TRGV2*01–TRGJ1*01 HG328303
Skin C RT-PCR TV1LU TC3L/TC1L3 13 (13) 4 9 4 TRGV1*01–TRGJ2*01 HG328316/17/18/19
TV7LU TC3L/TC1L3 1 TRGV1*02–TRGJ2*01 HG328320
1 TRGV1*02–TRGJ1*01 HG328321
3 TRGV2*01–TRGJ3*0 HG328322/3/4
TRD Blood M 5′RACE   TD1C1L/TD1C2L/TD2CL 5b (5) 2 3 1 TRDV1*01–TRDJ4*01 LN610749
1 TRDV1*01–TRDJ4*01 c LN610748
1 TRDV2*01–TRDJ4*01 LN610747
TRA Blood L 5′RACE   TA1C1L 41 (41) 0 41 d LN610706–LN610746
  1. aOne clonotype is an incomplete sequence; bOne clonotype is a sterile germline transcript; cM TRDV1-1 N -TRDJ4 and TRDV1-1 -TRDJ4 rearrangements have one TRDD gene; dL TRA cDNA clonotypes by rearrangement type are displayed in Fig. 3