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Table 2 Comparison of continuous-variable/discrete discriminant analyses

From: Genotype distribution-based inference of collective effects in genome-wide association studies: insights to age-related macular degeneration disease mechanism

Predictor, a Classes Parameters Predictor distribution for class y Prediction
Continuous variables Case (y=1) μ 1, Σ 1 N(μ y ,Σ y ) Decision boundary:
  Control (y=0) μ 0, Σ 0   δ 0(a)=δ 1(a)
Discrete variables Case (y=1) \(\psi _{1}=\{h_{i}^{(1)},J_{ij}^{(1)}\}\) Pr(a;ψ y |y) \(\beta _{i}=h_{i}^{(1)}-h_{i}^{(0)}\)
  Control (y=0) \(\psi _{0}=\{h_{i}^{(0)},J_{ij}^{(0)}\}\) given by Eq. (3) \(\gamma _{ij}=J_{ij}^{(1)}-J_{ij}^{(0)}\)