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Table 1 Currently known echinocandin biosynthesis clusters [12, 13]

From: Echinocandin B biosynthesis: a biosynthetic cluster from Aspergillus nidulans NRRL 8112 and reassembly of the subclusters Ecd and Hty from Aspergillus pachycristatus NRRL 11440 reveals a single coherent gene cluster

Cluster acronym Organism (synonyms) Echinocandin Product NCBI-ID
AA Aspergillus aculeatus ATCC 16872 aculeacin [27] GOLD Project ID: Gp0010055
AM Aspergillus mulundensis Y-30462 = DSMZ 5745 (= Aspergillus sydowii var. mulundensis) mulundocandin [28] KP742486
Ani Aspergillus nidulans NRRL 8112 (= Emericella nidulans DSM 946) echinocandin B KT806042
CC Coleophoma crateriformis antibiotic WF738A AB720076
CE_1 Coleophoma empetri F-11899 antibiotic WF11899A-C AB723722
CE_2 Coleophoma empetri No. 14573 antibiotic WF14573A,B AB720725
Ecd/Hty (identical with AE) Ecd/Hty: Aspergillus pachycristatus NRRL 11440 (= Emericella rugulosa, Aspergillus nidulans var. roseus ATCC 58397) AE: stated strain: Aspergillus delacroxii NRRL 3860 (= Emericella nidulans var. echinulatus echinocandin B Ecd/Hty: assembly of Ecd JX421684 and Hty JX421685
AE: AB720074
GL, Glo GL: Glarea lozoyensis wildtype strain ATCC 20868
Glo: G. lozoyensis mutant strain ATCC 74030
pneumocandin NW_007360987, AGUE01000179
PH Phialophora cf. hyalina No. 16616 (=Tolypocladium parasiticum) antibiotic WF16616 AB720726