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Table 2 Sequence identity of Ani-proteins to their orthologs in other echinocandin biosynthetic clusters. Color shading was used to visualize sequence identities. Color code: red: 100 %, white: 50 % and green 0 %. Protein sets: Ani: A. nidulans NRRL 8112, AA: A. aculeatus ATCC 16872, CC: C. crateriformis, CE_1: C. empetri F-11899, CE_2: C. empetri, PH: T. parasiticum No. 16616, Ecd/Hty: A. pachycristatus NRRL 11440, formerly E. rugulosa, AM: A. muludensis DSMZ 5745, GL: G. lozoyensi ATCC 20868, Glo: G. lozoyensis mutant strain ATCC 74030 (GL and Glo are identical except from two residues in protein GloC GLOXY4)

From: Echinocandin B biosynthesis: a biosynthetic cluster from Aspergillus nidulans NRRL 8112 and reassembly of the subclusters Ecd and Hty from Aspergillus pachycristatus NRRL 11440 reveals a single coherent gene cluster