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Table 5 The Sec translocation system in Streptomyces (TC 3.A.5)

From: Genomic data mining reveals a rich repertoire of transport proteins in Streptomyces

Species secA1 secA2 secY secY2 secE secG
SACTE SACTE_2472   SACTE_3988   SACTE_3949 SACTE_1366
SAV SAV_5071 SAV_2565 SAV_4312   SAV_4908 SAV_6299
SBI SBI_06502   SBI_06209   SBI_06158 SBI_08032
SCAB SCAB_55371   SCAB_36741   SCAB_37261 SCAB_69731
SCAT SCAT_2009   SCAT_3612   SCAT_3559 SCAT_1102
SCO SCO3005   SCO4722   SCO4646 SCO1944
SFLA Sfla_3902   Sfla_2503   Sfla_2541 Sfla_4882
SGR SGR_4531   SGR_2814   SGR_2876 SGR_5576
SHJG SHJG_4468   SHJG_5817   SHJG_5775 SHJG_3400
STRVI Strvi_8396   Strvi_0893   Strvi_0854 Strvi_7031
SVEN SVEN_2748   SVEN_4399 SVEN_0354 SVEN_4338 SVEN_1573
Species secD secF secDF yajC ftsY
SACTE SACTE_0919 SACTE_0918 SACTE_5723 SACTE_0920 SACTE_4801
SAV SAV_6837 SAV_6838   SAV_6836 SAV_2654
SBI SBI_02394 SBI_02393   SBI_02395 SBI_03477
SCAB SCAB_74911 SCAB_74921 SCAB_6041 SCAB_74901 SCAB_26291
SCAT SCAT_5307 SCAT_5308   SCAT_5306 SCAT_4417
SCO SCO1516 SCO1515 SCO6160 SCO1517 SCO5580
SFLA Sfla_5348 Sfla_5349 Sfla_0862 Sfla_5347 Sfla_1718
SGR SGR_6019 SGR_6020 SGR_1134 SGR_6018 SGR_1898
SHJG SHJG_2940 SHJG_2939 SHJG_8531 SHJG_2941 SHJG_6701
STRVI Strvi_3032 Strvi_3033   Strvi_3031 Strvi_1937
SVEN SVEN_1116 SVEN_1115 SVEN_0190 SVEN_1117 SVEN_5276