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Fig. 9

From: Comprehensive comparison of molecular portraits between cell lines and tumors in breast cancer

Fig. 9

Protein-based comparison of cell lines and tumors in breast cancer according to 50 proteins in RPPA testing. a RPPA-based Pearson correlation distribution in different subtypes of cell lines in breast cancer. b RPPA-based cell lines correlation in breast cancer by Pearson correlation. The dot size expresses the correlation strong or weak, and the larger means it has a strong correlation. The color bar shows the positive or negative directions. c RPPA-based correlation distribution between cell lines and tumors in breast cancer by 50 phosphorylated proteins. A dot means a correlation coefficient between a cell and a tumor. The different colors represent the different breast cancer subtypes. The same subtype of tumors and cells are used to calculate their correlation coefficient. d RPPA-based cell lines hierarchy clusters in breast cancer. Rows are proteins while columns are cell line samples

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