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Table 1 GR50 and I50 values of the susceptible (SD8) and resistant (N11) flixweed populations to tribenuron-methyl, in the absence and presence of cytochrome P450 inhibitor malathion

From: Target-site and non-target-site based resistance to the herbicide tribenuron-methyl in flixweed (Descurainia sophia L.)

Herbicides SD8 (S) N11 (R)
GR50 a I50 b GR50 a RFc I50 b RFc
Tribenuron-methyl 0.046a 1.77a 5.35b 116.3 54.65b 30.9
Tribenuron-methyl + malathion 0.039a - 1.12c 28.7 - -
  1. Resistance levels were indicated by the resistance factor (RF). GR50 or I50 values with different letters are significantly different at P = 0.05 significant level. Data were means of two experiments
  2. a GR50, herbicide rate causing 50 % growth reduction of plants
  3. b I50, herbicide concentration causing 50 % inhibition of the ALS activity
  4. c RF (resistance factor) = GR50 or I50 (R)/GR50 or I50 (S)