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Table 6 Amino acid residues having the most interactions in the models of both subtypes

From: Identification of combinatorial host-specific signatures with a potential to affect host adaptation in influenza A H1N1 and H3N2 subtypes

Subtype Protein Positions Number of interactions
H1N1 HA 222K 2
  M1 121T 5
  M2 14G 6
  NEP 57S, 60S 2
  PA 28P, 277S 3
  PA-X 28P 4
  PB1 179M, 741A 3
  PB2 65E 3
H3N2 M1 101R 2
  M2 11T, 14G, 31S, 54R 2
  NEP 14M 4
  PB1 212L 2
  PB2 82N 6