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Table 7 Novel singular aa positions associated to host adaptation

From: Identification of combinatorial host-specific signatures with a potential to affect host adaptation in influenza A H1N1 and H3N2 subtypes

Protein Novel singular positions
HA 6,9,10,14,23,47,66,69,78,88,91,94,130,173,189,200,220,222,435,516
M1 30,116,142,207,209
M2 13,16,31,36,43,51,54
NA 16,18,19,23,30,40,42,44,46,47,74,79,147,150,157,166,232,285,341,344,351,369,372,389,397,435,437,466
NP 31,53,98,146,444,450,498
NS1 6,7,14,23,27,28,74,123,152,192,220,226
NS2 6,7,14,32,34,48,83,86
PA 85,323,336,348,362,300
PAX 28,85,210,233
PB1 12,54,59,113,175,212,339,435,576,586,587,619,709
PB1F2 3,6,12,17,21,25,26,27,28,33,47,52,54,57,58,60,62,65,82
PB2 54,65,354