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Table 4 IRE-regulated energy metabolism genes in Glossina morsitans

From: Computational characterization of Iron metabolism in the Tsetse disease vector, Glossina morsitans: IRE stem-loops

Gene Name Gene ID Localization
Hypothetical protein GMOY010181 Plasma membrane
LIX1-like protein GMOY003300 Nucleus
Bruno-3 transcript GMOY007718 Nucleus
20s proteasome regulatory subunit beta GMOY004532 Mitochondria
Hmg-coenzyme A-isoform A GMOY005285 Extracellular
Folypolyglutamate synthase GMOY005208 Cytosol
Serine-pyruvate mitochondrial GMOY008920 Cytosol
Reverse transcriptase GMOY001995 Cytosol
Phenylalanyl-tRNA synthase subunit beta GMOY004566 Extracellular
Tmd2d1 GMOY009232 Extracellular
Unknown GMOY003166 Mitochondria
Serine/threonine protein kinase GMOY001347 Cytosol, Nucleus
Coiled-coiled helix GMOY011710 Nucleus
Gj11024 GMOY010160 Mitochondria
Heterochromatin-associated protein GMOY003696 Cytosol, Nucleus
Hypothetical protein GMOY000545 Cytosol
Acetyle Cholinesterase GMOY002161 Cytosol
Synaptotagmin GMOY007406 Cytosol