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Table 5 IRE-regulated hypothetical proteins in Glossina morsitans

From: Computational characterization of Iron metabolism in the Tsetse disease vector, Glossina morsitans: IRE stem-loops

Gene ID Gene Ontologies InterPro Domains Orthologs Regulatory Motifs
GMOY005042 - IPR009533: Protein of Unknown Function DUF1151 Yes - PAS, SXL_BS
GMOY006990 - - Yes UNRbs, SXL_BS, uORF -
GMOY000545 - - Yes Bacteroidtrp, UNRbs, uORF -
GMOY000910 - - No uORF -
GMOY001601 - IPR022096: Myotubularin protein; IPR005578: Hrf1 Yes Bacteroidtrp, UNRbs, uORF -
GMOY002533 - - Yes - PAS
GMOY006141 GO:0006278: RNA-dependent DNA replication IPR000477: Reverse transcriptase; IPR016193: Cytidine deaminase-like; IPR012337: Ribonuclease H-like domain; IPR025398: Domain of unknown function DUF4371; IPR008906: HAT dimerisation; IPR001888: Transposase, type 1 Yes Bacteroidtrp, IRES, uORF -
GMOY010181 - - No PAS -
GMOY003166 - - No IRES, uORF -
GMOY003757 - - No PAS, UNRbs -
GMOY005797 - - No uORF -
GMOY007187 - - Yes uORF -
GMOY011151 MF: GO:0016874: ligase activity; BP: GO:0022008: neurogenesis IPR016177: DNA-binding, integrase-type; IPR025884: Methyl-CpG binding protein 2/3, C-terminal domain; IPR001739: Methyl-CpG DNA binding Yes - PAS
GMOY006965 - - Yes UNRbs, IRES, SXL_BS, uORF -
GMOY008376 - - Yes UNRbs, IRES, uORF -
GMOY008535 GO:0007165: signal transduction IPR011022: Arrestin C-terminal-like domain; IPR011021: Arrestin-like, N-terminal; IPR014756: Immunoglobulin E-set; IPR006612: Zinc finger, C2CH-type Yes - -
GMOY002247 MF: GO:0004930: G-protein coupled receptor activity, BP: GO:0008355: olfactory learning IPR019326: Protein of unknown function DUF2369; IPR003961: Fibronectin, type III; IPR000276: G protein-coupled receptor, rhodopsin-like; IPR017452: GPCR, rhodopsin-like, 7TM Yes - CPE, PAS, SXL_BS
GMOY004434 - - Yes uORF -
GMOY011791 - IPR022110: Casc1 domain Yes - -
GMOY007668 GO:0016491: oxidoreductase activity IPR002018: Carboxylesterase, type B Yes Bacteroidtrp, UNRbs, uORF -