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Table 6 IRE-regulated genes supported by more than one ortholog with putative IRE-mechanism of regulation

From: Computational characterization of Iron metabolism in the Tsetse disease vector, Glossina morsitans: IRE stem-loops

G. morsitans ID Orthologs Gene name
GMOY000584 GAUT041244, GBRI044910, FBgn0030479, GFUI001750, MDOA005113, GPAI044041, GPPI009094 Uncharacterized protein
GMOY000853 GFUI033358, GPAI038270, GPPI044829 Angiotensin-converting enzyme-like
GMOY001045 GAUT008477, FBgn0033972, GPAI030524 Serine/threonine-protein kinase
GMOY001046 GAUT008476, GFUI050919, GPAI030522 GK22170
GMOY001347 GAUT016020, GPPI003550 GK25296
GMOY001475 GAUT026625, MDOA012345, GPPI050112 Oligosaccharidolytic beta-N-acetylglucosaminidase-like
GMOY001551 GAUT042169, FBgn0037026, GPAI032477 ST7 homolog (LOC101894805), mRNA
GMOY001601 GAUT035263, GFUI018313, GPAI012880, GPPI008027 Uncharacterized protein
GMOY002533 GBRI014000, GFUI050716 PFC0760c-like (LOC101898723)
GMOY003206 GFUI043226, GPPI017270 Glycine-rich cell wall structural protein 1-like (LOC101892314)
GMOY003449 GAUT016397, GFUI025828, GPAI018591 Autophagy protein 5-like (LOC101450692)
GMOY003491 GAUT035878, FBgn0267429, GFUI053351, GPPI016882 Proton-associated sugar transporter a-like
GMOY004282 GAUT042374, FBgn0015396, GPAI003358 Fork head box transcription factor
GMOY004296 AGAP007391, GAUT050548, FBgn0033086 GK23085 (Dwil\GK23085)
GMOY004905 GBRI004313, FBgn0037298 Saccharopine dehydrogenase domain containing protein
GMOY005336 GAUT008867, GPAI006027 Mitochondrial-processing peptidase subunit beta-like
GMOY005442 GAUT005852, GBRI028066, FBgn0087002, GPAI017174 Retinoid-and fatty acid-binding glycoprotein
GMOY005513 GAUT045304, GPAI000999 26 s proteasome regulatory complex subunit psmd5
GMOY005545 GAUT040539, GPAI013102 Abdominal-B protein
GMOY006327 FBgn0039705, GFUI011317, GPPI037740 Autophagy-related protein
GMOY006724 FBgn0015380, GFUI015685, GPPI027704 Receptor tyrosine kinase
GMOY006808 GFUI015876, GPPI047634 Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3
GMOY007858 GAUT044979, GPAI037485 Tetratricopeptide repeat protein
GMOY007975 GBRI005362, GPPI034851 Clock work isoformb
GMOY008151 GFUI047759, GPAI027699 General transcription factor IIH subunit1
GMOY008502 AGAP002465, GAUT049017, GBRI029736, FBgn0015222, GFUI020912, MDOA013394 Ferritin heavy chain-like protein
GMOY008535 GAUT022428, GFUI019745, MDOA001327, GPAI008100 Arrestin domain-containing protein 5-like
GMOY008920 GBRI012722, FBgn0014031 Serine-pyruvate mitochondrial
GMOY010282 GBRI044609, GFUI013632, MDOA015279 Amino-acylase-1
GMOY011648 FBgn0038861, GFUI002356, GPPI028265 trna(uridine-2-o-)-methyl transferase trm7
GMOY011720 AGAP004310, GBRI037168 PERQ amino acid-rich with GYF domain
GMOY000357 SCAU003080, SCAU008783 dynein lightchain
GMOY001186 AALB004468, AALF006549, SCAU012681 DNA replication licensing factor mcm7
GMOY003300 AAEL001809, AATE008804, ACOM040440, AMEM009039, AMIN001566 LIX1-like protein
GMOY005208 AAEL012882, AMIN007515 folylpolyglutamate synthase, mitochondrial like
GMOY006619 AATE010711, AFAF007359 stoned isoform e
GMOY006809 ASIS009945, ASTE001310 Glucosidase
GMOY007718 ACOM024486, AMIN011443 bruno-3 transcript
GMOY008670 ACOM039036, ACOM039038 n-methyl-d-aspartate receptor glutamate-binding subunit
GMOY009423 AALB003034, SCAU001454 E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase
GMOY009591 AAEL000641, AATE013365, AMIN008920 disulfide isomerase
GMOY010018 AALB006737, AATE019498, ASTE010551 phd finger protein
GMOY011894 AAEL013898, AATE018226, ACOM037504, AMEM017576 unc-50
  1. The following species were identified to share IRE-signatures with Glossina morsitans genes, namely: D. melanogaster (FBgn), M. domestica (MDOA), A. gambiae (AGAP), A. atroparvus (AATE), A. albimanus (AALB), A. coluzzii (ACOM), A. merus (AMEM), A. minimus (AMIN), A. farauti (AFAF), A. sinensis (ASIS), A. stephensi (ASTE), A. aegypti (AAEL), A. albopictus (AALF) G. austeni (GAUT), G. brevipalpi (GBRI), G. fuscipes (GFUI), G. palidipes (GPAI), G. palpalis (GPPI), S. calcitrans (SCAU)