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Table 3 Regions detected on B chromosomes of Siberian roe deer and grey brocket deer with flow-sorted chromosome sequencing

From: Contrasting origin of B chromosomes in two cervids (Siberian roe deer and grey brocket deer) unravelled by chromosome-specific DNA sequencing

Region Genes
Siberian roe deer (Capreolus pygargus)
 chr3:74,548,027-76,486,586 LRRIQ3, FPGT, TNNI3K (f)
 chr28:11,359,721-11,400,841 -
Grey brocket deer (Mazama gouazoubira)
 chr1:80,557,678-80,815,945 LPP (f)
 chr1:132,195,520-132,248,825 PIK3CB (f)
 chr3:53,939,956-54,035,661 GFI1
 chr3:97,346,492-97,530,439 ACOT11 (f), SSBP3 (f)
 chr5:112,038,039-112,092,762 CCND2
 chr6:67,475,289-69,302,666 COX7B2, GABRA4, GABRB1 (f?), LOC536190 (f?), ATP10D, NFXL1, CNGA1, NIPAL1, TXK
 chr6:72,725,708-72,802,304 KIT (f)
 chr6:101,762,919-101,983,089 COQ2, HPSE, MIR2446, MRPS18C, FAM175A (f)
 chr6:115,148,215-115,688,073 MIR2448, FBXL5, CD38 (f?), FGFBP1
 chr7:11,112,904-11,187,619 MAN2B1 (f)
 chr7:21,377,048-21,645,864 -
 chr8:78,145-782,808 ANXA10, MIR2466
 chr10:28,363,651-29,133,083 TMCO5B
 chr14:5,823,596-6,377,396 KHDRBS3 (f)
 chr17:46,546,364-46,775,437 MBD3L1, CHFR, ZNF268 (f)
 chr19:59,129,525-59,366,644 CDC42EP4, FAM104A, COG1 (f)
 chr22:1,765,826-1,920,639 EOMES (f)
 chr22:11,626,319-11,984,586 ACAA1, MYD88, OXSR1, XYLB, ACVR2B, DLEC1 (f)
 chr23:8,994,141-9,084,277 C23H6orf106 (f), SNRPC (f)
 chr23:50,678,412-50,701,238 SERPINB9
 chr25:37,085,021-37,276,232 -
 chr25:41,480,442-41,787,784 -
 chr28:628,155-915,003 TRIM67, FAM89A, ARV1, TTC13 (f)
 chr28:12,110,619-12,174,951 RET
 chr29:34,728,621-35,503,130 OPCML (f)
 chr29:49,338,779-50,252,639 DHCR7 (f?), NADSYN1, CARS (f)
  1. Coordinates in cattle genome assembly (bosTau7) are given. Only RefSeq cattle genes are listed, (f) – partial gene fragments located at region margins, (f?) – genes overlapping putative deletions not covered by reads