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Table 3 Top Ingenuity canonical pathways significantly enriched (p < 0.05) for up- and down- regulated DE genes in L-RFI rumen epithelium

From: Transcriptome profiling of the rumen epithelium of beef cattle differing in residual feed intake

Ingenuity canonical pathways FDR adjusted p-value Genes
 Remodeling of Epithelial Adherens Junctions 1.51E-03 ACTB, TUBB5, DNM2, TUBA4A, HGS
 Signaling by Rho Family GTPases 2.42E-03 RHOG, CFL1, ACTB, MYL12B, GNB1, MAPK1, GNB2
 RhoGDI Signaling 2.58E-03 RHOG, CFL1, ACTB, MYL12B, GNB1, GNB2
 eIF2 Signaling 3.11E-03 UBA52, RPL36, MAPK1, RPL18A, RPS15, RPL10
 Ephrin B Signaling 5.40E-03 CFL1, GNB1, MAPK1, GNB2