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Table 1 Summary of canine fear and aggression GWAS results. Fear and aggression trait peaks are given for separate GWAS studies using Vaysse (marked “V”; Illumina HD) and Boyko (“B”; Affymetrix v.2) genotype datasets. Loci shared with both are black and others are gray. Coordinates use CanFam2 assembly

From: Genetic mapping of canine fear and aggression

  1. a-dThe peak SNPs chrX:105,245,495, chrX:105,770,058, chrX:105,877,339, and chrX:106,189,665 (numbered a-d in superscript, respectively) lie within one LD block. At least SNPs 2 and 3 are presumed to implicate the same haplotype/functional variant; candidate genes refer to these peaks
  2. eThe peak SNP is 23,298,242 (vs. chr18:23,260,370 for the others)
  3. fThe peak SNP for Vaysse is chr10:11,169,956 and for Boyko is chr10:10,859,628
  4. gVaysse peak SNP chr15:44,258,017; Boyko peak SNP chr15:44,226,659
  5. hPeak SNP is a coding variant at a generally mammalian-conserved position
  6. i ARHGAP36, IGSF1 and long non-coding RNA FIRRE are co-expressed, including in the pituitary gland and hypothalamus (see text)