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Table 5 Genes with same CDS sequences involved in embryo development at 12 DAP in two crosses

From: Chromosome doubling to overcome the chrysanthemum cross barrier based on insight from transcriptomic and proteomic analyses

Gene ID (numbered in cross I) FPKM in cross I FPKM in cross II UP/DOWN Annotation Acronym Function
CL1478.Contig3 61.3065 6.9942 UP Agamous-like MADS-box protein AGL80 AGL80 Affect female gametophyte and endosperm development in Arabidopsis [23]
Unigene25835 10.9284 0.509 UP Floral homeotic protein APETALA2 AP2 Influence development of the zygotic embryo and endosperm [50]
CL4736.Contig1 15.3212 40.7673 DOWN AP2 domain class transcription factor AP2 Same as above
CL5669.Contig8 2.2975 4.874 DOWN Receptor-like protein kinase HAIKU2 Iku2 Regulate the early endosperm cellularization and seed size [51]
Unigene26041 74.7454 28.9534 UP Leucine-rich repeat extensin-like protein EXS Promote seed development and enhance cee size in Arabidopsis [52]
Unigene30982 39.5864 82.4367 DOWN Multicopy suppressor of Ira1 MSI1 Be required for seed development [53]
CL15981.Contig1 18.8318 3.0993 UP Auxin-binding protein 1 ABP1 Be required for cell elongation and division in Arabidopsis embryogenesis [54]
Unigene26808 54.5756 2.5485 UP Arabidopsis histidine kinase AHK Serve as cytokinin receptors and regulate the seed size [55]
CL1615.Contig2 8.5299 3.0442 UP Cytosolic phosphoglycerate kinase 2 CPK2 Be involved in glycolysis pathway [19]
Unigene744 24.4165 6.4023 UP Citrate synthase N/A Be involved in the tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle pathway [19]
CL6259.Contig2 119.376 34.959 UP Aconitase protein N/A Same as above
Unigene41988 8.1445 1.4722 UP NADP-isocitrate Dehydrogenase N/A Same as above
CL5293.Contig2 22.4495 3.113 UP 2-succinylbenzoate-CoA ligase N/A Same as above
CL16042.Contig2 4.6659 1.2739 UP Succinate dehydrogenase [ubiquinone] flavoprotein subunit 1 N/A Same as above
CL12323.Contig3 46.8787 6.9274 UP Malate dehydrogenase N/A Same as above
Unigene31171 1.0883 70.9733 DOWN Late embryogenesis abundant protein LEA Be associated with desiccation tolerance during embryo maturation [29]
Unigene14917 6.9638 21.5178 DOWN Senescence-related protein N/A Play essential roles of cell death during plant embryogenesis [56]
Unigene9288 48.7268 98.1867 DOWN Programmed cell death protein N/A Same as above
  1. Cross I: C. morifolium × tetraploid C. nankingense; Cross II: C. morifolium × diploid C. nankingense
  2. N/A not applicable