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Table 6 Genes with same CDS sequences involved in embryo development at 18 DAP in two crosses

From: Chromosome doubling to overcome the chrysanthemum cross barrier based on insight from transcriptomic and proteomic analyses

Gene ID (numbered in cross I) FPKM in cross I FPKM in cross II UP/DOWN Annotation Acronym Function
Unigene33530 3.9624 1.4042 UP Agamous-like MADS-box protein AGL80 AGL80 Affect female gametophyte and endosperm development [23]
Unigene42751 6.6841 13.8857 DOWN Transcription factor APETALA2 AP2 Influence development of the zygotic embryo and endosperm [50]
CL9156 118.0731 314.5676 DOWN AP2 domain class transcription factor AP2 Same as above
CL13570.Contig2 7.4684 24.1844 Down Receptor-like protein kinase HAIKU2 Iku2 Regulate the early endosperm cellularization and seed size [51]
CL11805.Contig1 10.291 1.3491 UP Leucine-rich repeat receptor protein kinase EXS EXS Promote seed development in Arabidopsis [52]
CL1584.Contig1 1.7702 4.0557 DOWN Multicopy suppressor of Ira1 MSI1 Be required for seed development [53]
Unigene7908 97.3165 4.6421 UP Auxin-binding protein 1 ABP1 Be required for organized cell elongation and division in Arabidopsis embryogenesis [54]
Unigene7916 45.2634 11.3354 UP Arabidopsis histidine kinase AHK Serve as cytokinin receptors and regulate the seed size [55]
CL4474 88.4354 5.6919 UP Leafy cotyledon 1-like protein LEC1 Regulate the embryogenesis, morphogenesis and seed maturation [25]
CL8636.Contig2 37.1208 7.9805 UP Chloroplast phosphoglycerate kinase 3 CPK Be involved in glycolysis pathway [19]
CL4864.Contig4 26.4753 2.0837 UP ATP-citrate synthase beta chain protein 1-like N/A Be involved in the tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle [19]
CL13319 104.2401 8.611 UP Citrate synthase N/A Same as above
CL2895.Contig3 66.6572 6.0815 UP aconitase N/A Same as above
CL9180 112.6106 25.6244 UP NADP-isocitrate dehydrogenase N/A Same as above
CL954.Contig1 33.9533 1.0652 UP Succinyl-CoA ligase N/A Same as above
Unigene24208 110.71 12.2391 UP succinate dehydrogenase [ubiquinone] iron-sulfur subunit 2 N/A Same as above
Unigene30868 31.2681 5.6957 UP Fumarate hydratase 1 N/A Same as above
CL2079.Contig6 182.8558 25.9528 UP Malate dehydrogenase N/A Same as above
Unigene31171 445.1903 150.025 UP Late embryogenesis abundant protein LEA Be associated with desiccation tolerance during embryo maturation [29]
Unigene15940 0.9442 2.2972 DOWN Senescence-induced receptor N/A Play essential roles of cell death during plant embryogenesis [56]
CL3148.Contig1 17.8887 73.7542 DOWN Regulator of cell death N/A Same as above
Unigene9484 47.3966 12.4093 UP Defender against cell death N/A Same as above
  1. Cross I: C. morifolium × tetraploid C. nankingense; Cross II: C. morifolium × diploid C. nankingense
  2. N/A not applicable