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Table 1 Comparison of the SMRT and HiSeq assemblies of isolate 2516. The statistics for the SMRT assembly were extracted from the final version of the assembly: four core chromosomes and 172 supernumerary contigs

From: Living apart together: crosstalk between the core and supernumerary genomes in a fungal plant pathogen

  SMRT assembly HiSeq assembly
Number of contigs 176 1253
Average coverage 20.2 111.5
Total sequence length (bp) 46309701 39020932
Average sequence length (bp) 263123 31142
Minimum sequence length (bp) 10816 1004
Maximum sequence length (bp) 11790407 701709
N50 sequence index (# of contigs) 2 62
N50 sequence length (bp) 8783590 170721