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Table 2 Nine SNPs were most strongly associated with GRMD biomarkers following Bonferroni correction. The first column lists canine chromosome number and second column lists base-pair location of the SNP (based on CanFam3.1). The third column gives the SNP identifier

From: Genome-wide association study to identify potential genetic modifiers in a canine model for Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Chromosome bp position SNP identity
7 65462481 BICF2P767388
7 74444198 TIGRP2P104104_rs8716172
9 51783485 TIGRP2P130620_rs8982512
9 52461811 TIGRP2P130855_rs9077374
23 12784487 BICF2P1005915
X 26396900 BICF2P760963
X 27322875 BICF2G630533008
X 28076757 BICF2S2291136
X 25639583 BICF2G630533758