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Table 4 Predicted fatty acid synthesis related MOAs of falcarinol and panaxydol using PASS program

From: Determining the mode of action of anti-mycobacterial C17 diyne natural products using expression profiling: evidence for fatty acid biosynthesis inhibition

Treatment Paa Pib Biological activity
Falcarinol 8.2E-01 8.0E-03 Alkyl-acetyl-glycero-phosphatase inhibitor
8.0E-01 5.0E-03 Fatty-acyl-CoA synthase inhibitor
6.9E-01 1.2E-02 Lipid metabolism regulator
6.2E-01 9.0E-03 Phosphatidyl-glycero-phosphatase inhibitor
4.5E-01 4.3E-02 Alkenyl-glycero-phospho-ethanolamine hydrolase inhibitor
3.6E-01 1.3E-02 Cyclopropane-fatty-acyl-phospholipid synthase inhibitor
Panaxydol 6.7E-01 2.4E-02 Alkyl-acetyl-glycero-phosphatase inhibitor
6.7E-01 1.6E-02 Fatty-acyl-CoA synthase inhibitor
6.6E-01 1.4E-02 Lipid metabolism regulator
3.4E-01 3.6E-02 Phosphatidyl-glycero-phosphatase inhibitor
3.8E-01 6.5E-02 Alkenyl-glycero-phospho-ethanolamine hydrolase inhibitor
2.7E-01 3.7E-02 Cyclopropane-fatty-acyl-phospholipid synthase inhibitor
  1. a Probability to be active
  2. b Probability to be inactive