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Fig. 5

From: Transcriptome comparison reveals key candidate genes in response to vernalization of Oriental lily

Fig. 5

The expression of the gene changes among the different vernalization stages. a. The heat-map of the total differentially expressed genes (DEGs). Columns and rows in the heat maps represent samples and genes, respectively. Sample names are displayed below the heat maps. unvernalized, vernalized and flower differentiation results of treatments. Color scale indicates fold changes of gene expression. A fold change of ≥1 is shown in green (increased transcript abundance), a fold change of ≤ −1 is shown in red (decreased transcript abundance), and no change is indicated in black. The results show that 195 transcripts were differentially expressed between the unvernalized, vernalized and flower differentiation. b. Changes in gene expression profile among the different venalization stages. The number of up-regulated and down-regulated genes between unvernalized-vs-vernalized, vernalized-vs-flower differentiation and flower differentiation-vs-unvernalized are summarized. Between the unvernalized and vernalized Oriental hybrid lily libraries, there are 808 genes upregulated and 1099 genes down-regulated, while there are 1847 up-regulated genes and 1957 down-regulated genes between the vernalized and flower differentiation Oriental hybrid lily libraries, and 1488 upregulated genes 1485 down-regulated genes between the flower differentiation and unvernalized Oriental hybrid lily libraries

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