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Fig. 9

From: Transcriptome comparison reveals key candidate genes in response to vernalization of Oriental lily

Fig. 9

Protein sgquence multiple alignment of the deduced amino acid sequences of LoSVP and LoVRN1 with other plant SVPs and VRN1s. The GenBank accession numbers of SVP are as follows: Theobroma cacao (XP 007047796), Populus trichocarpa (XP 002310310), Paulownia kawakamii (AAF22455.1), Vitis vinifera (XP 002269295), Vitis vinifera (AFC96914.1), Malus domestica (ABD66219.1), Brassica rapa (ABI96182.1), Brassica napus (AFM77910.1), Capsella rubella (XP 006294891), Arabidopsis thaliana (AFU85632.1), Arabidopsis thaliana (BAE98676.1), Petunia × hybrida (ACV74250.1), Actinidia chinensis (AFA37963.1), Actinidia chinensis (AFA37967.1), Elaeis guineensis (AAW66885.1). The GenBank accession numbers of VRN1 are as follows: Festuca arundinacea (ACN81330.1), Lolium perenne (AEV22381.1), Triticum aestivum (ABF57926.1), Dendrocalamus latiflorus (AAR32119.1), Oryza saliva (Baa94342.1), Zea mays (AFW67591.1), Elaeis guineensis (AAQ03221.1), Alpinia oblongifolia (ABS83558.1), Cymbidium ensifolium (AFQ31623.1), Vitis vinifera (AAT07447.1), Tulipa gesneriana (BAJ09453.1), Lilium longiflorum (ADT78582.1). LoSVP and LoVRN1 are indicated with an arrow at the left

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