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Table 1 Rat tissue specific miRNAs

From: The Rat microRNA body atlas; Evaluation of the microRNA content of rat organs through deep sequencing and characterization of pancreas enriched miRNAs as biomarkers of pancreatic toxicity in the rat and dog

Tissue miRNA
Adrenal miR-126b, miR-494-5p, mir-134-pre, miR-3544, miR-299a-5p;miR-299b-5p
Brainstem miR-296-3p, miR-7047-3p, miR-186-3p
Cerebellum mir-1928-pre, mir-484-pre, miR-130a-3p;miR-130b-3p, miR-6125, miR-154-3p
Cerebrum miR-218-5p, miR-466i-5p;mir-466 k-pre;mir-466q-pre, miR-410-5p, miR-344 g, mir-504-pre, miR-344b-1-3p;miR-344b-2-3p, miR-551b-5p, miR-103-2-5p
Heart miR-208a-3p, miR-208a-5p, miR-126-3p, miR-6314, miR-509-3p
Ileum miR-2137, miR-3195, miR-320-5p, miR-4448
Liver miR-101b-5p, miR-122-3p, miR-1195, miR-466c-3p, miR-293-5p, miR-466b-2-3p;miR-466c-3p;mir-466d-pre, miR-692, miR-466b-2-3p, mir-328-pre, miR-466f-3p, mir-5131-pre
Medulla miR-200b-3p;miR-429
Muscle Biceps miR-675-5p
Muscle Soleus miR-206-5p, miR-1273 g-3p;mir-1273a-pre
Pancreas miR-320c, miR-148b-3p;miR-152-3p
Whole Blood mir-466q-pre, miR-7687-5p, miR-3656;mir-3195-pre, miR-3473b;mir-3473d-pre, miR-6937-5p
  1. Tissue specific miRNAs were defined as miRNAs there are expressed at a raw count of >1 in 8/10 rats in 1 tissue only. Sequencing data was analyzed by non-negative matrix factorization which identified tissue specific miRNAs. Organs not listed in the table did not have tissue specific miRNAs