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Table 4 Top 20 functional categories of predicted gene targets by uniquely expressed miRNAs in sera and exosomes

From: Comparative miRNAome analysis revealed different miRNA expression profiles in bovine sera and exosomes

Sera Exosomes
Category B-H p-value Category B-H p-value
Cellular Growth and Proliferation 1.27E-28-1.11E-03 Cellular Growth and Proliferation 2.76E-12-6.05E-02
Cancer 4.54E-24-1.01E-03 Cancer 1.26E-08-6.05E-02
Organismal Injury and Abnormalities 4.54E-24-1.11E-03 Organismal Injury and Abnormalities 1.26E-08-6.05E-02
Cell Death and Survival 5.07E-24-1.01E-03 Cell Morphology 1.67E-08-6.05E-02
Organismal Survival 5.07E-24-2.65E-06 Organismal Survival 3.05E-08-2.39E-02
Cellular Assembly and Organization 7.61E-20-4.99E-04 Cellular Assembly and Organization 6.75E-07-6.05E-02
Cellular Function and Maintenance 7.61E-20-8.07E-04 Cellular Function and Maintenance 6.75E-07-6.05E-02
Cell Morphology 8.22E-19-7.27E-04 Cellular Movement 3.04E-06-6.03E-02
Molecular Transport 2.63E-16-9.67E-04 Cell Death and Survival 3.43E-06-6.03E-02
Cellular Movement 2.28E-15-1.05E-03 Gastrointestinal Disease 6.85E-06-6.03E-02
Cellular Development 4.18E-15-1.09E-03 Cardiovascular System Development and Function 8.40E-06-6.03E-02
Neurological Disease 3.21E-13-1.11E-03 Molecular Transport 9.36E-06-6.04E-02
Gene Expression 3.57E-13-3.95E-04 Cellular Development 9.36E-06-5.83E-02
Cardiovascular System Development and Function 3.57E-13-1.13E-03 Connective Tissue Development and Function 9.36E-06-5.48E-02
Organismal Development 4.85E-13-1.01E-03 Organismal Development 9.36E-06-6.03E-02
Gastrointestinal Disease 1.43E-12-8.91E-04 Nervous System Development and Function 1.82E-05-5.83E-02
Infectious Disease 1.63E-12-6.47E-04 Tissue Development 1.82E-05-5.83E-02
Skeletal and Muscular Disorders 3.74E-12-1.13E-03 Organ Morphology 5.23E-05-6.03E-02
Hereditary Disorder 8.81E-12-8.81E-12 Lipid Metabolism 5.97E-05-6.03E-02
Psychological Disorders 8.81E-12-7.60E-11 Small Molecule Biochemistry 5.97E-05-6.03E-02