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Table 5 Top 20 functions of predicted gene targets of differentially expressed miRNAs in sera and exosomes

From: Comparative miRNAome analysis revealed different miRNA expression profiles in bovine sera and exosomes

Highly expressed miRNAs in sera Highly expressed miRNAs in exosomes
Category B-H p-value Category B-H p-value
Cellular Assembly and Organization 6.09E-06-9.75E-02 Cell Death and Survival 6.84E-14-3.44E-02
Cellular Function and Maintenance 6.09E-06-9.75E-02 Cellular Assembly and Organization 8.85E-14-2.77E-02
Molecular Transport 1.09E-05-9.68E-02 Cellular Function and Maintenance 8.85E-14-3.45E-02
Cancer 6.32E-05-9.68E-02 Cellular Growth and Proliferation 4.07E-13-3.45E-02
Cell Death and Survival 9.31E-05-9.68E-02 Cell Morphology 1.09E-10-3.34E-02
Organismal Survival 9.31E-05-6.44E-02 Cellular Movement 8.05E-09-2.79E-02
Cellular Growth and Proliferation 9.31E-05-9.75E-02 Cancer 2.61E-08-3.24E-02
Cell Morphology 2.20E-04-9.75E-02 Molecular Transport 4.45E-07-3.21E-02
Cardiovascular System Development and Function 2.94E-04-9.68E-02 Cardiovascular System Development and Function 8.40E-07-3.43E-02
Organismal Development 2.94E-04-9.68E-02 Organismal Development 8.40E-07-3.45E-02
Infectious Disease 7.70E-04-9.68E-02 Organismal Survival 1.38E-06-2.44E-02
Gene Expression 7.70E-04-9.68E-02 Tissue Development 1.79E-05-3.34E-02
Cellular Movement 8.00E-04-9.68E-02 Gene Expression 2.31E-05-2.13E-02
Cell-mediated Immune Response 1.23E-03-9.68E-02 Cellular Development 2.89E-05-3.45E-02
Cellular Development 1.23E-03-9.75E-02 Nervous System Development and Function 5.47E-05-3.23E-02
Hematological System Development and Function 1.23E-03-9.75E-02 Skeletal and Muscular System Development and Function 6.43E-05-3.23E-02
Hematopoiesis 1.23E-03-9.75E-02 Neurological Disease 6.97E-05-3.18E-02
Lymphoid Tissue Structure and Development 1.23E-03-9.75E-02 Lipid Metabolism 1.19E-04-3.18E-02
Tissue Development 1.82E-03-9.75E-02 Small Molecule Biochemistry 1.19E-04-3.21E-02
Connective Tissue Development and Function 2.01E-03-9.75E-02 Psychological Disorders 1.55E-04-2.44E-02