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Table 3 List of top 30 downregulated genes (p < 0.05) on NL1-I and BCMV-S2 virus treatments, respectively

From: Dynamic transcriptome profiling of Bean Common Mosaic Virus (BCMV) infection in Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

NL1-I Log2 fold change Annotation BCMV-S2 Log2 fold change Annotation
Phvul.001G050500 −2.68 Adenine Phosphoribosyltransferase Phvul.001G021700a −2.38 Protein kinase superfamily (0.010)
Phvul.001G091600 −3.65 Homocitrate synthase-related Phvul.001G091600 −4.08 HOMOCITRATE SYNTHASE-RELATED
Phvul.001G138800 a −3.31 dsRNA-binding protein 3 (DRB3) (0.007) Phvul.001G091700a −3.24 ARABIDOPSIS HEAVY METAL ATPASE 8 (0.029)
Phvul.001G165900 −2.75 ABC-2 type transporter Phvul.001G138800 a −2.68 dsRNA-binding protein 3 (DRB3) (0.007)
Phvul.001G206500a −2.79 Hexokinase 3 (0.006) Phvul.001G151900 −2.87 Terpene synthase family, metal binding domain
Phvul.001G239100a −3.00 Encodes a microRNA that targets several TIR1/AFB family members (0.003) Phvul.001G165800 −3.38 ABC transporter
Phvul.002G153600 −2.80 Hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA synthase Phvul.001G165900 −3.05 ABC-2 type transporter
Phvul.002G193300 −3.00 Oxidoreductase, 20G-Fe(II) oxygenase family protein Phvul.001G166200 −2.42 ABC-2 type transporter
Phvul.002G216900 −3.24 Squalene Monooxygenase Phvul.001G206700 −2.53 ABC transporter
Phvul.002G259700 a −3.15 Transposable element gene (0.092) Phvul.001G251300 −2.34 TREHALOSE-6-PHOSPHATE SYNTHASE
Phvul.002G268800 −3.79 EamA-like transporter family Phvul.001G263900 −2.36 Protein of unknown function (DUF1264)
Phvul.002G297200 a −3.35 RING/U-box superfamily protein (0.055) Phvul.002G059500 −2.33 LEUCINE-RICH REPEAT RECEPTOR-LIKE PROTEIN KINASE
Phvul.002G297300 a −3.53 Mediator complex subunit Med23 (0.075) Phvul.002G150200 −2.74 Drug transmembrane transporter activity
Phvul.003G159200 −2.91 Plasma membrane H + −transporting ATPase Phvul.002G216900 −2.48 SQUALENE MONOOXYGENASE
Phvul.003G192800 −2.81 H+/oligopeptide symporter Phvul.002G227500a −2.69 Encodessl dehydroquinate-shikimate dehydrogenase enzyme (2e-08)
Phvul.003G218900 −3.27 Protease inhibitor/seed storage/LTP family Phvul.002G259700 a −2.32 Transposable element gene (0.092)
Phvul.003G248200 −2.98 Alpha/Beta Hydrolase Fold-Containing Protein Phvul.002G294200 −2.80 AAA-FAMILY ATPASE
Phvul.003G278200 −3.03 Glucose dehydrogenase/choline dehydrogenase/mandelonitrile Lyase Phvul.002G297200 a −2.55 RING/U-box superfamily protein (0.055)
Phvul.004G142000 −3.17 Synaptic vesicle and related transporters Phvul.002G297300 a −3.13 Mediator complex subunit Med23 (0.075)
Phvul.005G001000 −3.24 Cellulose synthase Phvul.003G060100 −2.92 Dehydrogenases with different specificities
Phvul.005G005000 −2.83 ATP binding Phvul.003G082300 −2.36 OXIDOREDUCTASE, 2OG-FE(II) OXYGENASE FAMILY PROTEIN
Phvul.005G005400 −2.69 UDP-glucoronosyl and UDP-glucosyl transferase Phvul.003G278200 −2.59 Glucose dehydrogenase/choline dehydrogenase/mandelonitrile lyase
Phvul.005G032500 −3.68 Dirigent-like protein Phvul.005G001000 −2.49 Cellulose synthase
Phvul.005G032600 −3.28 Dirigent-like protein Phvul.005G005400 −2.47 UDP-glucoronosyl and UDP-glucosyl transferase
Phvul.005G069400 −3.09 NA Phvul.005G032500 −3.09 Dirigent-like protein
Phvul.005G145700 −2.72 DVL family Phvul.005G032600 −2.73 Dirigent-like protein
Phvul.005G159600 −3.25 GTP-binding protein Phvul.005G159600 −2.94 GTP-binding protein
Phvul.005G166200 −4.20 Phosphorelay signal transduction system Phvul.006G195500 −2.54 Helix-loop-helix DNA-binding domain, transcription regulator activity
Phvul.005G170300 −3.09 Aquaporin (major intrinsic protein family) Phvul.007G209700 −3.09 ABC transporter
Phvul.006G034000 −2.71 NAD dependent epimerase/dehydratase family Phvul.007G275800 −2.38 Hemopexin
  1. The gene names in bold are common between the two treatments. Gene annotations were retrieved for common bean genome in Phytozome. The unannotated genes were functionally classified using TAIR (indicated by a, the e-value of TAIR match is indicated in the brackets). "NA" represents no functional characterization of gene is available