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Table 2 Signaling pathways associated with differentially expressed proteins as identified by Pathway Studio program

From: A novel approach to assessing bisphenol-A hazards using an in vitro model system

Signaling Pathways Overlapping Entities P-value
Respiratory chain and oxidative phosphorylation UQCRFS1, SDHB, COX6A1, ATP5O <0.001
Glutathione metabolism GSTM5, GPX4, PRDX5 0.017
Notch Pathway ACTB, PPP1CA, HADHA, PGAM2, ODF1, GAPDH 0.017
EphrinR - > actin signaling ACTB, ODF1 0.030
Adipocytokine Signaling SDHB, HADHA, PGAM2, GAPDH 0.031
  1. BPA-induced differentially expressed proteins were entered into the Pathway Studio program to identify the significantly signaling pathways. The probabilities of the signaling pathways were determined using the Fisher’s exact test (p < 0.05)