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Table 1 Pairwise comparison of differentially expressed genes

From: Transcriptome analysis in oak uncovers a strong impact of endogenous rhythmic growth on the interaction with plant-parasitic nematodes

  Number of differentially expressed contigs
  Co-Pp Co-Pc Co-PpPc
 Total 91 118 543
 Upregulated 46 63 371
 Downregulated 45 55 172
 Total 895 47 83
 Upregulated 289 23 27
 Downregulated 606 24 56
  1. Table shows the numbers of differentially expressed contigs in oak microcutting leaves at different plant growth stages following pairwise comparisons. -Control versus P. penetrans (Co-Pp), Control versus P. croceum (Co-Pc), Control versus co-inoculation of P. penetrans and P. croceum (Co-PpPc), RF- root flush and SF- shoot flush. Significance of differential expression was determined using a threshold of Benjamini-Hochberg adjusted P < 0.01 as cut off