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Table 2 Identification of viruses from raw mRNA-Seq data of pear transcriptome by BLAST search

From: Integrated analyses using RNA-Seq data reveal viral genomes, single nucleotide variations, the phylogenetic relationship, and recombination for Apple stem grooving virus

Name of virus Accession no. Size of genome Read count
Apple stem grooving virus NC_001749.2 6,495 bp 4274
Potato leafroll virus NC_001747.1 5,987 bp 66
Prunus virus T isolate Aze239 NC_024686.1 6,835 bp 52
Apple green crinkle associated virus NC_018714.1 9,266 bp 39
Apple stem pitting virus NC_003462.2 9,332 bp 17
Apricot latent virus NC_014821.1 9,311 bp 4
Grapevine fleck virus NC_003347.1 7,564 bp 4
Rupestris stem pitting associated virus-1 NC_001948.1 8,744 bp 2
Apple chlorotic leaf spot virus NC_001409.1 7,555 bp 1
Grapevine Pinot gris virus NC_015782.1 7,275 bp 1
Zucchini yellow mosaic virus NC_003224.1 9,591 bp 1