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Table 1 Summary of transcriptome sequence datasets of the BPH reproductive tract

From: Seminal fluid protein genes of the brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens

Group Number of unigenes
Total unigene 37443
MRT expression 33798
MAG expression 19772
Male specific expressed 523
Obtained peptide database 17902
  1. The longest assembled transcripts of each gene were taken as unigenes. Only unigenes with RPKM value larger than 0.3 were counted as expressed. Owing to the accomplishment of the transcriptomic sequencing of the differences between the N. lugens development and sex genes in our previous study [11], we are able to use the predicted SFP genes as reference sequences to map the transcriptomic datasets and to analyze the expression sex-specific genes. The coding sequence (CDS) of each unigene was analyzed using blastx and estscan (3.03). The generated peptide database was used in proteome query