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Table 1 Annotation statistics of detected PUTs

From: Transcriptome responses to temperature, water availability and photoperiod are conserved among mature trees of two divergent Douglas-fir provenances from a coastal and an interior habitat

Cluster type Number of PUTs Unique Annotations
PUTs detected with 1 RPM in at least 4 Libraries 59189  
hit in RefSeq 38248 21218
hit in Picea glauca ORFs 45867 14544
hit in Pinus taeda ORFs 42602 13842
hit in Vitis vinifera 38841 11263
hit in Oryza sativa 37408 11220
hit in Arabidopsis thaliana 34356 10762
B2GO annotation 34375 9062
PLAZA gene family 41175 6330
  1. RefSeq: NCBI plant RefSeq peptide data base, Picea glauca ORFs: Picea glauca full length ESTs, Pinus taeda ORFs: de novo assembled ESTs which have been used to annotate the Pinus taeda genome, Vitis vinifera: Vitis vinifera peptide data base (PLAZA), Oryza sativa: Oryza sativa peptide data base (PLAZA), Arabidopsis thaliana: TAIR10 peptide data base, B2GO: GO annotations inferred by the BLAST2GO pipeline