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Table 2 Differentially expressed homeobox genes and other transcription factors

From: A transcriptional time-course analysis of oral vs. aboral whole-body regeneration in the Sea anemone Nematostella vectensis

Gene id Annotation Adjusted p-value CCC Overall side trend Tmax relative to T = 0a (Hours) Side of max change/Fold change(Log2) Fold change (Log2)
Homeobox genes
v1g184843 Retinal homeobox protein rx-like 0.000375 −0.43 Oral Hour 72 Physa 2.95
v1g127828 Homeobox protein nkx-(Nk2.2-like) 0.000189 −0.24 physa Hour 72 Physa 2.43
v1g208035 NK-4 homeobox protein (NvNK-4) 0.000174 −0.14 physa Hour 8 Physa 1.74
v1g130873 Homeobox protein six3 (NvSix3/6) 1.58E-06 −0.12 physa Hour 72 Physa 2.01
v1g213735 NvOtxC 8.12E-11 −0.08 physa Hour 72 Physa 4.72
v1g128302 MoxB (NvMox2) 8.11E-07 −0.07 Oral Hour 72 Oral 5.73
v1g128296 Homeobox protein mox-2-like (NvMoxD) 4.21E-11 0 Oral Hour 72 Oral 6.85
v1g128275 Homeobox protein mox-1-like (NvMoxA) 2.02E-07 0.01 Oral Hour 72 Oral 4.41
v1g128289 Homeobox protein mox-1 (NvMoxC) 1.36E-14 0.07 Oral Hour 24 Oral 6.65
v1g79707 Diencephalon mesencephalon homeobox protein 1 4.7E-10 0.11 Oral Hour 24 Oral 4.28
Other transcription factors
v1g28237 Transcription factor sp5 7.14E-07 −0.17 Oral Hour 24 Oral 2.98
v1g200081 t-box transcription factor tbx15 1.64E-05 −0.05 Oral Hour 72 Oral 4.03
v1g187332 Forkhead box protein b1 (NvFoxB) 4.09E-07 −0.03 Oral Hour 72 Oral 2.97
v1g165603 Forkhead domain protein D1 (NvFoxD1) 0.02904 −0.03 physa Hour 72 Oral 3.54
v1g67043 Forkhead box protein l2 0.0325 −0.01 physa Hour 8 Physa 1.86
v1g88753 t-box transcription factor tbx18 0.03405 0 Oral Hour 72 Oral 3.99
v1g235967 Transcription factor sox-14 (NvSox1) 3.13E-06 0.11 Oral Hour 72 Oral 2.22
v1g211452 ets translocation variant 5 isoform 1 0.03352 0.2 Oral Hour 24 Oral 1.94
v1g161959 Hypoxia-inducible factor 1-alpha isoform 2 0.04308 0.2 physa Hour 72 Physa 1.19
v1g101900 Transcription factor sp5 3.11E-05 0.2 physa Hour 72 Physa 2.09
  1. Genes with low CCC values were sorted by their adjusted time-effect p-value. The column “overall side trend” indicates the side with an overall higher level of expression during regeneration. The next columns show the hour of highest change in expression level as compared to hour 0 (Tmax relative to T = 0), the side in which it is observed (Side of max change), and the level of change in expression (Fold change (Log2)). The other columns contain the hour of overall largest change during regeneration (Time interval of max change) and the side (Side of Max change) and level (Fold change (Log2)) of this change
  2. aHour of maximal change relative to time 0