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Table 1 Multivariate analysis of caspase 3 protein expression

From: Transcriptomic analysis reveals sex-specific differences in the expression of Dcl1 and Fis1 genes in the radio-adaptive response of thymocytes to TRP53-mediated apoptosis

Gene Variable Value Estimate t value p value p value*
Caspase 3 Sex Female ref    1.010E-09
Male −6.559E-03 −0.043 0.966  
Treatment Control ref    <2.2E-16
High 5.502 36.221 <2E-16  
RAR 2.592 17.062 1.090E-11  
Low 3.651 24.040 5.520E-14  
Sex*Treatment Male(Control)*Female(Control) ref    9.483E-08
Male(High)*Female(High) −1.752 −8.156 4.310E-07  
Male(RAR)*Female(RAR) −1.829 −8.513 2.450E-07  
Male(Low)*Female(Low) −0.221 −1.029 0.319  
  1. Sex*Treatment interaction term between sex and radiation treatment, ref reference value, Estimat e regression coefficient, t value t test values; p value* p value from F test in ANOVA analysis, High exposure to 1.75 Gy of g-rays, RAR radio-adaptive response, Low exposure to 0.075 Gy of X-rays