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Table 2 Genes involved in apoptosis signaling that show differential transcriptional expression between male and female radioadaptive thymocytes

From: Transcriptomic analysis reveals sex-specific differences in the expression of Dcl1 and Fis1 genes in the radio-adaptive response of thymocytes to TRP53-mediated apoptosis

Probe Name Gene Symbol Gene description log2FC FDRa FDRb GO.Ontology
A_51_P449995 C6 Complement component 6 −1.64 9.89E-03 2.75E-02 GO:0006919
A_51_P458451 Adipoq Adiponectin 2.36 2.51E-03 3.76E-03 GO:0033034
A_51_P473170 Tnfsf4 Tumor necrosis factor superfamily member 4 2.06 1.67E-04 2.61E-03 GO:0043066
A_52_P304720 Crlf1 Cytokine receptor-like factor 1 −1.97 1.54E-03 4.64E-03 GO:0043524
A_52_P442710 Ndnf Neuro-derived neurotrophic factor 2.18 2.20E-04 2.06E-03 GO:0043524
A_52_P464831 Dlx1 Distal-less homeobox 1 −2.45 1.50E-04 4.61E-03 GO:0043524
A_55_P1952533 Fis1 Fission 1 (Mitochondrial Outer Membrane) Homolog (S. Cerevisiae) −2.94 1.06E-04 9.86E-04 GO:0001836
A_55_P1974019 Dapk1 Death associated protein kinase 1 2.18 9.38E-04 7.94E-03 GO:0008624
A_55_P1974845 Pde1a Phosphodiesterase 1A, Calmodulin-Dependent −2.24 2.46E-04 3.24E-03 GO:0034391
A_55_P1977431 Cck Cholecystokinin 1.79 2.67E-04 2.45E-03 GO:0005044
A_55_P1982400 Scara5 Scavenger Receptor Class A, Member 5 −2.91 1.72E-04 3.91E-03 GO:0005044
A_55_P2042101 Prune2 Prune Homolog 2 (Drosophila) −2.17 2.67E-04 6.68E-03 GO:0006917
A_55_P2044143 Loxl4 Lysyl Oxidase-Like 4 −2.29 4.37E-05 3.99E-04 GO:0005044
A_55_P2089710 Ednrb Endothelin Receptor Type B 2.57 4.02E-04 1.69E-02 GO:0043066
A_55_P2144686 Dmbt1 Deleted In Malignant Brain Tumors 1 2.78 2.61E-05 2.46E-03 GO:0005044
A_55_P2268221 Arhgap10 Rho GTPase Activating Protein 10 −2.49 2.54E-04 3.04E-03 GO:0043066
A_55_P2280821 Dlc1 Deleted in liver cancer 1 −2.53 2.02E-05 4.49E-04 GO:0006919
  1. log 2 FC log2 Fold Change in gene expression between male and female under RAR treatment; a minus sign denotes down-regulation in radioadapted thymocytes of males as compared with females; FDR a FDR obtained from the moderated t-test for identifying differentially expressed genes between male and female RAR, FDR bFDR obtained from two-way ANOVA for assessing gene expression differences between male and female regarless treatment