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Fig. 6

From: Revealing misassembled segments in the bovine reference genome by high resolution linkage disequilibrium scan

Fig. 6

Linkage disequilibrium (LD) decay and SNP imputation accuracies for the R237 segment in Italian Holstein (HOL) and Nellore (NEL). From the top to the bottom of the picture, before (a) and after (b) correcting the segment using LD information, we plotted the LD decay of the segment in Italian Holstein (a.1, b.1) and Nellore (a.2, b.2), the SNP imputation accuracies in Italian Holstein (a.3, b.3) and Nellore (a.4, b.4), and a magnification of the segment in Italian Holstein (a.5, b.5) and Nellore (a.6, b.6)

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