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Fig. 7

From: Comparative transcriptomics enlarges the toolkit of known developmental genes in mollusks

Fig. 7

Phylogenetic reconstruction of Hh (a) and Hh-related (b) genes from amino acid sequences. The consensus trees were inferred through Bayesian phylogenetic analysis with MrBayes v3.2.2 discarding 25 % of the sampled trees as burn-in. The branch support values are posterior probability values of Bayesian likelihood. Colored branches in A represent the three major superphyla Ecdysozoa, Deuterostomia, and Lophotrochozoa. The Lophohog Hh-related family was first described by Bürglin [58] and originally included two sequences retrieved from the lophotrochozoans Lottia gigantea (mollusk) and Capitella teleta (annelid). Names followed by black stars correspond to newly described sequences obtained in this work

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