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Table 1 The list of all the estimated parameters including the possibility for each SNP (P(i, k)), the proportion parameter (Pr), each SNP effect (g i ), error variance (σ 2 e ), fixed effect (β), and polygenic effects v and the according equation derived from EM steps

From: A hybrid expectation maximisation and MCMC sampling algorithm to implement Bayesian mixture model based genomic prediction and QTL mapping

Parameters The data model According equations derived from EM
\( {E}_{e^{*}} logP\left(i,k\right) \) The expected likelihood parameters for P(i, k) Equation (S3)
P(i, k) SNP effects related parameters under the extended model (3) Equation (S4)
Pr Equation (10)
g i Equation (8)
σ 2e The overall model (1) Equation (12)
β Equation (13)
v Equation (19)