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Table 9 The list of identified causal mutations by both BayesR and HyB_BR

From: A hybrid expectation maximisation and MCMC sampling algorithm to implement Bayesian mixture model based genomic prediction and QTL mapping

Traits Loci Information (known genes) Range (bp) [Start points ~ End points]
Milk yield Chr5:75786153 CSF2RB impacting milk yield [47]. [75724620 ~ 75745819]
Chr6:88741491 GC, encoding the vitamin D binding protein, positively impacting the milk yield [48]. [88695940 ~ 88749180]
Chr20:30116920 In association with CCL28/GHR impacting milk production [18]. [31890736 ~ 32199996]
Protein yield Chr6:87180731 CSN1S1 positively impacting protein yield [48]. [87141556 ~ 87159096]
Chr11:103302351 PAEP impacting protein yield [19]. [103301664 ~ 103306381]
Fat% Chr5:93945655 MGST1 for Fat percent [49]. [93926791 ~ 3950162]
Fertility Chr18:57548213 -In association with the gene CEACAM18, Detected by Pryce et al. [50], Cole et al. [51]. ~57MBP
Chr21:53500339 - Control the percentage of unassisted births in first calf heifers [52]. ~53MBP
Chr23:51131682 In the linkage with the known gene GMDS [53]. ~51MBP
All the traits Chr14:1801116 DGAT1 impacting Fat percent [16]. [1795351 ~ 1804562]