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Table 1 Host specificity and disease caused by nine Bordetella species

From: Acquisition and loss of virulence-associated factors during genome evolution and speciation in three clades of Bordetella species

Bordetella species Number of analyzed genomes Genome size (reference genome) Host Disease
B. bronchiseptica 58 5,338,400 bp variety of mammals, including pigs, dogs, cats, seals, rabbits, horses, mice, sheep, humans Broad variety of respiratory disease, from clinically unapparent to fatal pneumonia, such as snuffles in rabbits, atrophic rhinitis in pigs and kennel cough in dogs
B. parapertussis 2 4,773,551 bp humans, sheep Respiratory infection, Whooping Cough-like disease
B. pertussis 34 4,086,186 bp humans Respiratory infection, Whooping Cough
B. hinzii 6 4,885,897 bp turkeys, rabbits, immunocompromised humans Respiratory disease in turkeys and rabbits, septicemia in humans
B. holmesii 18 3,699,674 bp humans Respiratory infection, Whooping Cough-like disease, bacteremia
B. avium 1 3,732,255 bp birds Respiratory disease
B. trematum 4 4,485,537 bp humans Ear infection, wound infection
B. ansorpii 2 6,210,412 bp humans Epidermal cyst, wound infection
B. petrii 3 5,287,950 bp humans, environmental Wound infection (osteomyelitis), ear infection (chronic mastoiditis), chronic bronchorrhea, environmental