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Table 2 Differentially expressed novel miRNAs for Huntington’s disease and Parkinson’s disease

From: Novel microRNA discovery using small RNA sequencing in post-mortem human brain

Putative novel miRNA Contrast Average log2 expression log2FC p-value FDR-adjusted p-value
chr9_novelMiR_203 HD/C 4.03 −1.58 4.91E-04 2.06E-02
chr11_novelMiR_242 2.65 −0.69 2.84E-04 1.40E-02
chr16_novelMiR_272 2.59 −0.76 1.67E-04 1.11E-02
chr18_novelMiR_75 1.32 −0.66 5.83E-04 2.19E-02
chr6_novelMiR_46 PD/C 2.03 0.55 1.58E-03 2.02E-02
chr8_novelMiR_236 1.78 0.53 5.47E-03 4.46E-02
chr9_novelMiR_225 1.92 −0.62 7.20E-04 1.15E-02