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Table 1 Sequencing and assembly statistics of the reconstructed Candidatus F. datiscae Dg2 metagenome

From: An assemblage of Frankia Cluster II strains from California contains the canonical nod genes and also the sulfotransferase gene nodH

Features Frankia sp. Dg2
All Reads 8,217,565
All Bases 2,163,821,348
Filtered Reads for genome reconstruction 3,269,398
Filtered Bases for genome reconstruction 576,128,786
Assembled Reads for genome reconstruction 3,123,854
Assembled Bases for genome reconstruction 550,550,122
Contigs 8283
Largest Contig 36,613 bp
Scaffolds 1066
Largest Scaffold 368,548 bp
Reconstructed genome size 5.929.312 bp
Predicted genes 6536
Genes with predicted function 3248
tRNA 36
rrn-Operons 2
GC content 67.90 %