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Fig. 2

From: Gene expression profiling of trout regenerating muscle reveals common transcriptional signatures with hyperplastic growth zones of the post-embryonic myotome

Fig. 2

Hierarchical clustering of differentially expressed genes during muscle degeneration/regeneration. Unsupervised clustering of differentially expressed genes led to the formation of four distinct clusters (I, II, II and IV). Each row represents the temporal expression pattern of a single gene and each column corresponds to a single sample: columns 1 to 4, muscle sampled at time 0; columns 5 to 9, muscle sampled at day 1 after lesion; columns 10 to 14, muscle sampled at day 8 after lesion; columns 15 to 19, muscle sampled at day 16 after lesion; and columns 20 to 24, muscle sampled at 30 days after lesion. The expression levels are represented by coloured tags, with red representing the highest levels of expression and green representing the lowest levels of expression

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