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Table 1 Functional categories infered from genes contained in clusters I, II, III and IV

From: Gene expression profiling of trout regenerating muscle reveals common transcriptional signatures with hyperplastic growth zones of the post-embryonic myotome

  GO term Cell component P-Value GO term Biological process P-Value
Cluster I GO: 0005739 mitochondrion 1.8E-39 GO: 0006091 generation of precursor metabolites and energy 1.1E-44
GO: 0030016 myofibrils 1.1E-28 GO: 0006936 muscle contraction 1.3E-22
GO: 0015629 actin cytoskeleton 1.5E-14 GO: 0006006 glucose metabolic process 2.8E-20
GO: 0016529 sarcoplasmic reticulum 2.7E-9 GO: 0006119 oxidative phosphorylation 3.0E-16
    GO: 0006096 glycolysis 6.6E-15
    GO: 0007517 muscle organ development 4.3E-13
Cluster II none    GO: 0051254 positive regulation of RNA metabolic process 1.9E-8
    GO: 0045893 positive regulation of transcription DNA-dependent 4.3E-8
    GO: 0009891 positive regulation of biosynthetic process 2.9E-7
    GO: 0001944 vasculature development 2.5E-6
    GO: 0048514 blood vessel morphogenesis 5.7E-6
    GO: 0006979 response to oxidative stress 2.5E-5
Cluster III GO: 0005783 endoplasmic reticulum 7.5E-14 GO: 0030029 actin filament-based process 4.2E-10
GO: 0005764 lysosome 7.7E-12 GO: 0016192 vesicule mediated transport 8.3E-10
GO: 0012505 endomembrane system 8.9E-9 GO: 0065003 macromolecular complex assembly 1.7E-9
GO: 0015629 actin cytoskeleton 2.8E-8 GO: 0005996 monosaccharide metabolic process 6.9E-9
G0: 0030529 ribonucleoprotein complex 1.0E-5 GO: 0002443 leukocyte mediated immunity 2.1E-8
    GO: 0070271 protein complex biogenesis 4.1E-8
    GO: 0002252 immune effector process 3.3E-8
    GO: 0008219 cell death 1.1E-7
    GO: 0002449 lymphocyte mediated immunity 2.4E-7
    GO: 0000398 nuclear mRNA splicing via spliceosome 4.8E-7
    GO: 0006457 protein folding 1.4E-6
    GO: 0006952 defense response 4.3E-6
    GO: 0006260 DNA replication 2.2E-5
    GO: 0006935 chemotaxis 2.7E-5
    GO: 0009611 response to wounding 7.3E-5
Cluster IV GO: 0031012 extracellular matrix 6.5E-15 GO: 0000278 mitotic cell cycle 2.8E-15
GO: 0030017 sarcomere 5.1E-12 GO: 0048285 organelle fission 2.6E-13
GO: 0030016 myofibril 2.8E-11 GO: 0000279 M-phase 2.1E-12
GO: 0015629 actin cyskeleton 4.2E-9 GO: 0030198 extracellular matrix organisation 3.6E-8
GO: 0005581 collagen 2.3E-8 GO: 0060415 muscle tissue morphogenesis 3.6E-8
GO: 0000793 condensed chromosome 1.1E-7 GO:0007517 muscle organ development 8.1E-8
GO: 0000776 kinetochore 2.7E-6 GO: 0007059 chromosome segregation 1.5E-7
    GO: 0007010 cytosleleton organization 2.9E-7
    GO: 0001568 blood vessel development 8.5E-6