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Fig. 4

From: Stringent comparative sequence analysis reveals SOX10 as a putative inhibitor of glial cell differentiation

Fig. 4

SOX10-CCS-13 is an alternative promoter at the Sox6 locus. The ~579 kb rat Sox6 locus is shown on the UCSC Rat Genome Browser. SOX10-CCS-13 is indicated in red along with the seven human, mouse, and rat SOX6 RefSeq mRNAs (blue). Sox6-specific 5’ RACE was performed on RNA from S16 cells and the five distinct Sox6 sequences were mapped to the rat genome. Please note that SOX10-CCS-13 maps to both the 5’ end of the seventh Sox6 mRNA and the fifth unique 5’ RACE-generated sequence. RNA-Seq data from S16 cells were mapped to Sox6 (the y-axis indicates sequence read depth) as was a PCR-amplified, full-length mRNA that contains Sox6 exon 1G. Genome-wide regulatory marks were also mapped to Sox6 with the Y-axes indicating normalized sequence read depths (both SOX10 ChIP-seq data sets) and F-Seq scores (DNase-seq). The green highlighted region marks the general position of SOX10-CCS-13 across all data sets and the brown highlighted region marks another potential SOX10 response element at Sox6

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