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Fig. 5

From: Transcriptomic responses of a simplified soil microcosm to a plant pathogen and its biocontrol agent reveal a complex reaction to harsh habitat

Fig. 5

Overview of main processes modulated by the simplified soil microcosm, Armillaria mellea and Trichoderma atroviride. Main upregulated (green arrow) and downregulated (red arrow) processes are distinguished according to expression profiles: genes with similar expression in the presence or absence of A. mellea and T. atroviride (adaptation to the soil matrix, cluster 1); genes modulated by the presence of T. atroviride (response to T. atroviride, cluster 3), A. mellea (response to A. mellea, cluster 5) or both A. mellea and T. atroviride (response to T. atroviride and A. mellea, cluster 7). The blue line indicate overrepresented processes already expressed by T. atroviride in the simplified soil microcosm and not modulated by A. mellea introduction

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